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Second Day

Written on: Friday July 18th, 2008

A journal entry from: Israel 2008

Hello, Bonjour, Shalom!

Those are the three languages being spoken around the house. Except Daniel and I only know English...sad. Well today was a good first full day. This morning we helped set up for a show Adam and Beth's band, The Pit That Became A Tower, is playing tomorrow night in their courtyard. Then we went out with our friend Ben and got falafel for lunch. Then came the shopping, which I'll be honest, I enjoyed much more than Daniel :) We went to synagogue with Adam and his dad tonight which was a really great experience. Hearing everything in Hebrew was definitely a change for us, but luckily there was a translator so we were able to hear the wonderful message. Tonight ushered in the Shabbos, or Shabbat, so we had a very chill night at home with the family. Adam's mother made some fantastic stuffed peppers, lasagna, and brownies so needless to say we were very stuffed. After dinner we all just sat around and talked about all different things and enjoyed the night together. We have a few pictures so I'll upload those for you all to see. Keep us in your prayers and I'll write more soon. Much love to all.


From Lauren Haskins on Jul 20th, 2008

Looks like you guys are having a blast! Much love from the USA folks!