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First Day

Written on: Thursday July 17th, 2008

A journal entry from: Israel 2008

Hi everyone! 

This is Julie, the official blogger for our Israel trip. We landed in Tel Aviv yesterday at 5:15 IDT (Israel is 7 hours different for our friends back home) and got our rental car and drove to our friend's Beth and Adam's house in New Jerusalem. We got settled in and then decided to go out. I can't recall the name of the bar we went to, but it was very nice. The area we are staying in has a lot of little shops all around it so today we are going to check it all out. There isn't much else to say for today since we've only been here about 12 hours but I'll most likely write again tonight or early tomorrow morning. 

Please pray for us and leave some comments to lets us know the States still love us :) 


From Bryan on Jul 18th, 2008

I dunno about the states, but I can speak for one person in Canada... and thats Jeff, not me.