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Fort Collins, CO

Written on: Thursday August 2nd, 2007

A journal entry from: Colorado

Hey everyone, I'm really sorry I haven't blogged in a while. We've been so busy we haven't even had time to upload our pictures to the computer! 

Last time I wrote we were in Grand Junction on our last day. That day we went to Grand Mesa, the largest flat top mountain in the U.S. We drove around with Sheva, Tim, Kirk, and Amy and looked at several different spots on the mountain and then we settled at a campsite by a lake. We just chilled there for a little bit enjoying the beauty. It was a perfectly clear day. It actually felt like a fall day. We had pants and hoodies on and it was the clearest, crispest morning. Then we went to a brewery for dinner and ordered so much food! I devoured a basket of buffalo wings! Then we went back to their house and three kids from their youth group came over and we all smoked hookah and listened to music. It was a good ending night. 

The next morning we left Grand Junction around 11. On our way to Fort Collins we stopped off at a place called Hanging Lake that was recommended to us. At Hanging Lake we hiked 1.2 miles to the top of a mountain where we saw both Hanging Lake and Spouting Rock. Spouting Rock was really cool. It was this big waterfall like stream of water coming down out of the side of a mountain. So after the hike it was nice to get splashed by the water. Then we went over to Hanging Lake, which is this small, almost pond like, lake that is so clear you can see the bottom. The water is a tinted blue color and there is all this fuzzy moss at the bottom. Spouting Rock's water flowed into it also. The hike was definitely worth it. 

Then after horrible traffic and quite a few Red Bulls, we made it to Fort Collins and Julia and Chris's house! We ate Pad Thai for dinner at like 11 30 P.M. Then enjoyed a nice rest. The next morning Chris took Daniel, their three little girls, and me out to breakfast at Lucile's. We had some great southern cooking for breakfast, like potatoes with eggs and cheese, cinnamon french toast with pecan syrup, and waffles with strawberries. Delicious! When we got home, we got Julia and we all went to Lyons to go to the Oskar Blues Brewery. Oskar Blues is the oldest brewery in Lyons and Daniel and Chris had their beer sampler. Julia got a margarita and the kids and I got juice :) We then went downstairs and there was an arcade and I played a pinball game and Chris played this really old racing game he used to play when he was a kid. Then we went to the Boulder Brewery in hopes of getting a tour but sadly they were not giving tours that day. So we got some glasses and keychain bottle openers. Then we went back to Fort Collins and Daniel, Julia, and I went to Millennium Piercing and Tattoo and I got two new piercings! I got two cartilage piercings on my right ear. Looks pretty kick ass. Then we went back to their house and went over to their neighbor?s house because they were having a party. We hung out and smoked hookah and did shenanigans. Then Chris brought his turntables over and Sean and Kegan, two of the guys hosting the party, and Daniel all jammed out for like 4 hours straight and it was incredible! 

Then next morning Daniel and I got up and went to the Belgium Brewery. They make beers like Flat Tire and Sunshine and such. Colorado is very proud of their beer! We got a couple of glasses there too. Then we headed down to Denver to meet my friend Reece. We went to the 16th Street Mall and shopped around and ate at Two Fisted Mario's Pizza, Starbucks, and Jamba Juice. It was a really good chill day. That night we went to Julia and Chris's friend's art opening at Hoggie's Half Note. Then I got kicked out for not being 18. Yay for being underage :-/ So I went and watched Hot Fuzz at Sean and Kegan's house. 

Today we got up at 1 and went out to brunch at the Mountain Cafe in Fort Collins. We then went home and packed and said our goodbyes and now we're on our way home. We are going across Nebraska right now and probably going to stay the night in a motel somewhere around Iowa. We were supposed to stay in the Ozarks but time is just not allowing it. Tomorrow we are staying with Sonya in Nashville and then Saturday we're home :-D 

Mad Love!