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Durango and Such

Written on: Friday July 27th, 2007

A journal entry from: Colorado

Howdy, Howdy!


If anyone ever tells me again that I will sound like a hick in Colorado I will promptly send them on their way to Durango, Colorado!


Yesterday was fantastic! We got to the cute, touristy town of Durango and were overjoyed to find out they had a Starbucks. So we got some drinks and sat outside and figured out if we wanted to stay in Durango or go somewhere else. It was so cute and lively so we decided to stay. We checked in at the lovely Strater Hotel that has been established since 1888. We were in room 200 and the hotel had this really cool thing they did where in every room there was a little journal and the people who stayed in that room wrote in it about their stay in the Strater or Durango or whatever they are doing in Colorado. So Daniel and I each wrote a page in it and it makes me smile to know that other people will come stay in the same, classic styled room that we did and read our entries and write their own.


The guy at the front desk recommended that we go to Steamworks Brewery so we headed over there for dinner. They have the most amazing food in the world!! I got my classic favorite pizza, green peppers and onions, and Daniel got spinach enchiladas. That restaurant makes me want to move to Durango. We also found the most delicious hot sauce you will ever taste. So delicious, we bought a bottle. We are going to become like our brother Tim, putting hot sauce on everything! After dinner we walked around the town and looked at all the little shops. There was a beautiful art gallery we stopped into that had gorgeous glass bowls and vases and such. Very talented.


You may be asking, ?What made it so country?? Well I?ll tell you?live country music in the middle of the street with cowboys dancing with their lassies, that?s what. I?ve never seen so many cowboy hats and big ass belt buckles. The south will rise again?in Colorado. Daniel got some pictures of the dancing and the band so we will put those up so you can see all the glitz and barrels of hay.


Today, we visited four states?at once! We went to the Four Corners! We actually are in the car right now and just left there about 30 minutes ago. It was pretty cool. So as soon as we get a good Internet connection and Footstops stops being an ass, we?ll upload the pictures.


Much Love.