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Lake Meredith

Written on: Wednesday July 25th, 2007

A journal entry from: Colorado

Lake Meredith will make you want to name your child Meredith because it's so beautiful. It was just breath taking when we saw it. I knew it would be pretty but dang...never expected the incredible gorgeousness it would posses. We had the most perfect campsite too on the edge of a cliff over looking the lake and you could see for miles all around you. We got there at a perfect time of the day and rode our bikes down to the water. Then on the way up he hill back to the camp site, I croaked over and died. :-/ Julie + cardiovascular activities = dead Julie. Sucks.


Then we set up camp. We pitched our tent and ate chips and nacho cheese :) So yummy! Then we took lots and lots of pictures. Daniel took a lot of really good pictures but it'll take a little bit to put those on here. In the mean time, I will put my pictures up. 


Then around 11:30 we hit the hay. It was extremely windy up there but the breeze was nice in the tent. This morning we got up and hit the road again after a breakfast of strawberry iced poptarts and Red Bull. Nothing quite like a super non-nutritious breakfast don't ya say!


On to the sand dunes!


From Ben K. on Jul 26th, 2007

Hey Daniel: Check your APRS rig. FindU still shows you in TX 3 days ago... The pictures are awesome. Wish I was there and out of this Atlanta heat/storm wave!