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Texas. Day 2 and leaving.

Written on: Tuesday July 24th, 2007

A journal entry from: Colorado

Alrighty now, we call this the act of mating!


Yesterday we went and toured my uncle's cabinet factory. I uploaded some of those pictures to yesterdays blog so if you want to go look at them, head on over there. There are some pretty cool pictures so I'd go look. He showed us all the processes, like the staining and sanding and cutting and assembly. He's got a really good thing going on there.


Then we went shopping! Well mainly we just went to Gap because we didn't have enough time, but I got a pair of really cool jeans for 14 bucks. Then when we came out of the mall, it was all stormy. Like tornado weather stormy. So we drove through this incredibly hard rain over to Texas de Brazil Churrascaria. Oh my gosh, I was so full! I felt like a beached whale. But it was so good I just couldn't stop!! I had so many different kinds of meats and it was all so good. Then for desert (I was already stuffed but I couldn't turn it down!) I had chocolate mouse cake with layers of chocolate cake and white fluffy something! It was amazing! 


Then Daniel and Uncle Andy went to the airport to pick up my cousin Matt who was coming back from a trip in Vegas. When they got home we got in the hot tub and pool again and took some cool pictures with the whole multiple same person effect. I'll put those up.  Then Daniel, Laura, Matt and I sat outside and smoked hookah and caught up on good times. Then we hit the hay.


This morning we got up at 7: 30 and took showers, ate breakfast, and packed. We took some pictures with our aunt and uncle and said our goodbyes. It was really sad to leave; we had so much fun together. But the times were great and I'm so glad we had that time with my favorite family. 


After leaving their house we went grocery shopping!!!! We got all of our dry food and frozen foods and put those in the cooler. Got all packed up and hit the road again! So we are on our way to Lake Meredith now where we will have our first night of real camping! Pray we don't get eaten by bears!!!