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Texas, Day 1

Written on: Monday July 23rd, 2007

A journal entry from: Colorado

Sorry I didn't blog last night, it was a long day.

We got to our aunt and uncle's house around 6 central time and they took us out to P. F. Chang's where we asked for a booth away from everyone else because we knew we'd be loud. Put this side of my family together and wow, let the sarcasm run! So we had a really, really great time together and we had these amazing chocolate rolled up things. I don't know what they were but, they were great.

Then we drove around downtown Fort Worth and they showed us all these really cool places like where the cattle used to be held and told us about all these different buildings and Daniel and I being stupid didn't have the video camera or a camera with us :-/ Apparently they still run the cattle through the streets and have rodeos almost every night. Pretty sweet.

We came back to the house (which is gorgeous!!) and went swimming and hot tubbing. It was so relaxing after being in the car for so long. My cousin Laura just got back from Italy the day before we got here so she's been telling us all about it and showing us pictures. It's gorgeous over there. Daniel, Laura, and I broke out the hookah and smoked on the back porch around 12. The sky is really pretty here.

Also, my uncle showed Daniel this really cool trick that lets him take a picture at nighttime and make there be 2 or 3 of me. It's so cool. 

I'll put some pictures up in the photo albums now.




From Nick on Jul 27th, 2007

Those are some pimping shades you got there Julie.