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On the road, Day 1

Written on: Saturday July 21st, 2007

A journal entry from: Colorado

Today has been successful so far. We awoke this morning and walked to the Flying Biscuit where close friends came to see us off. Last time I went to the Flying Biscuit I wasn't in the mood to eat but this time I came fully prepared to scarf down their delicious delicacies. There were 6 of us there, Ben, Dan and Kelly, Nick, Daniel and me and four of us got the High Flyer. The High Flyer consists of a pancake topped with peaches, two eggs (personally I like my eggs over medium), potatoes, grits, or salad (I got the potatoes), and two sausage patties or as Daniel got, two SOYsage patties. He sounded like a New Yorker ordering them. I also got a Flying Biscuit and incase you were wondering, no they don't have wings and the cooks don't throw them at you to "fly" onto your plate. Still though, they are marvelous. After some good eats and time with our friends we said our goodbyes and went home to pack everything into the truck. Well we have a lot of shit! Looks like we won't be picking up any hitch-hikers due to the fact we have no where for them to sit. Sorry :( After carrying bags, boxes, and containers down the stairs to the car and Daniel thoroughly being eaten alive by mosquitoes, we were packed. 


We hit the road around 11:30, which was really close to what we had hoped for. We ran by the gas station to fill up one of the MANY tanks of gas we will be burning through and also filled up our 5 gallon gas container for random things we need it for, say running out of gas on the side of the road in the farm lands. We also picked up two single cans and a four pack of our un-official but totally official energy drink, Red Bull. You'll hear us endorse that beautiful drink more than once this trip. 


Right now we are heading south on I-85 towards I-65 and so on until we hit LA. And that's Louisiana for those of you who think that way. Which many do because just this morning at breakfast Dan was asking how on earth we planned to drive to LA and then to Colorado and back in such sort time to which Daniel replied that LA stands for Louisiana, not Los Angeles like many would think. L.A. would be pretty ballin though...we'll have to remember that for next time ;)




From JanaTheGreat on Jul 21st, 2007

You guys are so gay.

From Scooter on Jul 22nd, 2007

Now that I have my computer back running again! yay I can get online again!