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The Night Before

Written on: Friday July 20th, 2007

A journal entry from: Colorado

Hey everyone it's Julie, the official blogger of the Daniel and Julie's Road Trip of America, Fuck Yeah.

 Right now it is 11:49 P.M on July 20th, the night before we set out for our first stop in Louisiana. It's been pretty stressful trying to get everything together. I guess you could say that Daniel and I are good at planning everything to pack before hand, but pretty slow at getting it done, which leads to us being stressed. But slowly it is all coming together and we have almost all of our bags packed and at the door ready to be put in the truck for departure. Apparently departial is not a word...it is departure. You learn something new everyday. Thanks Daniel. :)

 This week has been really exciting though. It's been a little bit of a surreal blur for me. I'm realizing that I'm basically dropping my life for two weeks to go camping but I know plenty of people who wish they could be us. This really is a wonderful oppertunity we have before us and damn it we're grabbin that bull by the horns. Stay tuned :) Night ya'll.