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Written on: Sunday July 27th, 2008

A journal entry from: Israel 2008

Hello Friends!

Well today was our last day here in Israel. It's sad, but it is nice to know we are coming home to our friends and family.  Yesterday we went to the Dead Sea with Christen and Michael. The Dead Sea's water is denser than a human's body mass thus making it extremely easy to float, and occasionally hard to NOT float! The water also feels like olive oil and is the most nasty tasting water I have ever had in my mouth! It is filled with a ton of minerals (I'm sure you all know how good Dead Sea salt is for your skin) and lots of salt. It is advised to not get your face wet because of the amount of salt in the water and the oily texture. Well I just so happened to slip on my way in and have the water splash all over my face and mouth, thus me tasting the grossest thing ever. But floating was very fun and the over all experience was fantastic. After the Sea, we all headed across the street to Ein Gedi, a nature reserve and springs. We hiked up to some fresh water pools and several gorgeous waterfalls. It was a short hike which made is very enjoyable and the fresh water was wonderful after the salty water of the Dead Sea. We then headed back to Jerusalem and ate at Focaccia again before going back to Adam and Bethany's for some R&R and to pack up. Around 7:30 Daniel and I left for Denise's house in Tel Aviv. 

 This morning we slept in late, but when we awoke Denise had prepared us another one of her incredible breakfasts, complete with homemade apple doughnuts and cheese biscuits. After breakfast we went to the beach for one last time to soak in some rays and kiss the beautiful Mediterranean goodbye. Now we are chilling in the Delta Lounge in the Ben Gurion Airport waiting to board our flight. We had an incredible time here, saw some of the most beautiful places on Earth, and met several truly amazing new friends. Thank you so much to everyone who prayed and supported us on this trip, you have been a blessing to us. We can't wait to see all our friends back home and look forward to blogging another trip soon. God bless!

Daniel and Julie. 


From Lynne on Jul 27th, 2008

Thank you for sharing your blog and pics of what appears to be a wonderful trip. I almost felt like I was there with you, albeit without benefit of sun and sea and ocean breezes! I look forward to sharing many more trips with you. Peace!