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Travel Journal: France


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Jan 3rd 2007
My Trip Here
Jan 4th 2007
First Day in Rouen-My room/Campus
Jan 5th 2007 Day 2
Jan 6th 2007 Exploring Rouen
Jan 7th 2007 Day 4
Jan 9th 2007 First Day of Classes
Jan 10th 2007 Trip Planning
Jan 11th 2007 mmm Patato Wedges
Jan 12th 2007 Day of Relaxation
Jan 17th 2007 Making Some Changes
Jan 21st 2007
Weekend in Paris
Jan 26th 2007
Getting Ready for Amsterdam
Feb 4th 2007
Mont Saint Michel
Feb 11th 2007
February 11th
Apr 1st 2007
May 1st 2007
Campus Pictures
May 5th 2007
Weekend in Paris with Meggie
May 8th 2007
Hawaiian/Goodbye Party
May 19th 2007
Juno Beach
May 23rd 2007
Dinner with my french class and teacher
May 25th 2007

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