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Hampi and blogging

Written on: Thursday January 10th, 2008

A journal entry from: Skye and Ben do India


We're in hampi and it's so beautiful.  It has: rice paddies, big boulders, ancient temple ruins, good thalis, mosquitoes, monkeys, dogs, cows, israeli travellers, flies, really shit motor-scooters.

And I'm trying to make this blog work - so this is not going to contain anything particularly interesting :)

Ben has been getting into the yoga and wearing my pants (hee hee - I keep buying stupid indian clothes that i hate after one wear, Ben seems to like them.)

I'm still into eating alot and drinking Kingfisher.  There deeper we get into the place, the harder it will be to get beer, so I'm trying to stock up my hump to last me for the next couple of months.

Squatting is improving.  No baaaad indian belly issues to speak of yet.  

We hired the WORST scooter in India yesterday, to explore the ancient temples.  Whenever we reached an ant hill i had to get off and push or we had to walk the bike up like we were in the Flinstones.  To cross the river they have these really logic-defying round little boats called corracles.  They're made of reeds, plastic and tar and somehow they manage to load 4-5 motorcycles on them and paddle them across with two little oars.  it's so cool.  Except our shit scooter decided to drop it's muffler halfway across.  We rode around with it strapped to the back like a rifle for the rest of the day.  It was LOUD.  LOUDER than capital letters.  LOUD like riding a FUCKING REALLY SLOW LAWN MOWER THROUGH QUICKSAND.  Then our kickstand refused to retract.  This was also tied up with some roadside rags.  The photos are funny :)  We really did look like a pair of fat, white, sunburnt, western losers.  The people of Hampi had a good laugh at us.

The people in the bungalow next to us had REALLY LOUD sex last night.  We were both jealous.  We've been sleeping in individual sleeping sacks, which makes for pretty sanitised spooning in more ways than one.



Photos to come soon!



From Pepita on Jan 23rd, 2008

Well nice one! Can you buy me something yogaish? I've just started....at the place where you had been trying to drag me for the past 6 months. Feeeeeel streeeeetched. Nice. Hope the journey is still going well! Saw Tams at Missys and she said she saw you in a cafe random random random. Love ya bums. x