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first post from Bombay

Written on: Wednesday December 26th, 2007

A journal entry from: Skye and Ben do India

We are here!
Currently in a Bombay internet cafe.
Ben is next to me checking for hidden cameras/trip wires/widgets that steal your identity.
I'm squirming because I need to pee again and so far haven't mastered the squat toilet without peeing on my shoes or my trousers. (blush.)
So far we've: been ripped off, amazed, awe-struck (nothing could have prepared us for the cab ride through Bombay at 8pm at night straight off the plain - wholly fuck!), stingy-eyed and throated, excited, frustrated, filthy, sweaty, thrilled out of our minds, humbled, and a million other things I can't even put words too.
We're LOVING it!
Ben has developed and interesting Indian-Australian accent. He kind of sounds like Apu from this Simpsons. He claims people understand him better. I'm yet to see evidence of this...
We?ve been to quite a few of the places they tell you to in the LP ? and also some of the landmarks from Shantaram (are we complete clichés?).
Bombay is just incredible.
We're having a ball. We head to Goa tomorrow for some chilled out times with our friends Matt & Cheryl and to see New Year in.
We're well, happy and we've had one minor argument with lots of swearing, but we've not killed each other yet. And (GOD I hope I?m not speaking too soon) we?ve not yet experienced any Delhi/Mumbai belly.
Ah! This travel business if fun.
Love to you all - hope you're enjoying each of your holidays.
Skye (and Ben who is still checking for signs of internet fraud and probably won?t feel it?s secure enough to email anyone yet ;) )