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fort cochin & sweaty boobs

Written on: Tuesday January 22nd, 2008

A journal entry from: Skye and Ben do India

we're currently in a sweaty little internet cafe in cochin which has, quite possibly, the dirtiest keyboards imagineable.  You can't see the letters for the brown crust. mmmm. sure makes me want to type.  This is perhaps the 2nd time I've wished that I brought surgical gloves with me (the other time was in Hampi when we were compelled to pick up rubbish but didn't for fear of infection). 

We're still loving India and Indians despite a few minor altercations with some fibbers.  they only really tell lies about where things are, though.  it's really not meant to be malicious, i'm sure. it's actually pretty funny.  all you have to do is pull out a map and there are 3 indians standing around you telling you that the map is wrong, sir! ignore the map sir! go this way, much better, madam! and before you know it you're hiking off in the opposite direction from where you want to go.  The plus side is you usually see something amazing anyway.

we spent a few nights in a cool treehouse in a national park in kerala and we saw so many wild elephants!  we even saw the very dangerous (but seemingly uninterested in us) lonely tusker.  Beware the lonely tusker! He gets angry if you get too close to his bamboo!  We also saw a little retarded baby elephant, that was cute but very heart-breaking at the same time.  His little dumbo legs didn't work properly and he kind of hopped around in a half squat :( We also saw lots of dear (spotted and standard), a very cute wild boar, bison, buffalo and some tiger tracks! but no tiger.  they're elusive bastards unless they're gnawing on your leg, apparently.

then we headed to ooty in tamil nadu - it's an old raj-era hill station.  it was cool!  we trekked through the mountains then headed back to our very english hotel for a spot of badminton, followed by cocktail hour each night (bombay sapphire, of course). oh, how we laughed. and the tea! delicious. it really did feel like we were employees of the British East India Company. (It made me think of you, Anna Maley-Fadgyas!).

and now we're in cochin, in kerala.  It is very hot and hence very chilled. we've hired push bikes (and ben is like a piggy in mud) to go on a bit of an explore once the sun settles a bit.  Mine has no brakes but on the plus side, has a lovely basket at the front to put my things in. 

Oh! We saw some really incredible traditional Keralan dance & maritial arts last night - it was really impressive.  The costumes are incredible.  Pepita - I think you'd be really good at it - lots of expressive eyes ;)

p.s. ben will write something soon - he promises. 



From Pepita on Jan 23rd, 2008

Can you believe I just found your blog? What was I doing all this time. Will read and re-read! Sounds amazing and I really want to go. You're doing well Skye! Ok some more reading now....