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Houses of the Majerles


top left, Peter, friendly neighbor translator; bottom left, name to be added; right, Ivan Majerle senior

Nives Rauh, friendly neighbor translating

Ivan and I with some homemade whisky

Mimica and husband

Pub owned by Maria, the daughter of Paul Staodohar, and her husband Franx Hace, in Predgrad

The post where criminals or thieves would be tied to in order for passer-bys to taunt them as punishment

Mill Michal Barich would have built

Entry to Sodevci and Croatian border

Croatian border on corner of Marko Ferderber's street

Marko's house

Yard of Marko's house

View of Sodevci

A yellow flower growing there that you can whistle with

The Rakar's restaurant in Gradats



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