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Written on: Thursday July 26th, 2007

A journal entry from: Elective 2007!!

We spent 3 nights altogether in the fantastic city of Singapore. The first we stayed at The Royal Peacock in Chinatown (this was the last night with our group) and then we downgraded to a hostel for the 2 extra nights we had planned before our flight to Austrailia. We arrived in Singapore early afternoon on day 1 and decided to explore a little bit. We hopped on the MRT (the metro - which makes getting around so easy) on got off at Raffles Place. We had a wander around the Boat Quay, took a riverboat ride to see some of the sights and then stumbled across Clark Quay. Clark Quay is a buzzing hub of entertainment, where there's loads of cool bars, good restaurants and a lively atmosphere. Finding ourselves in need of some sustenance, we found a lovely coffee and desert place and treated ourselves! On the evening we went for our last group meal (sob sob) at a restaurant on the Boat Quay. Then we walked to Clark Quay for some drinking. The hardcore crowd of us ended up in Ministry of Sound (which has a revolving dancefloor, and a sixties inspired room with hundreds of disco balls over the dancefloor!) We threw out some impressive moves in there until 2 or something, then Kim and I fatigued and retired early, leaving some of the others on the dancefloor and feeling rather old!

The next day we were up and off to Singapore Zoo, which is incredible (it doesn't really have enclosures - its more open plan), and massive! Although I was struggling with a slight hangover, we made it roung the whole zoo in 4 hours (it really is that big) and saw an array of creatures including white tigers, baboons, orang-utans, elephants (yay!) polar bears, pygmy hippos etc etc etc!! In the afternoon we decided to hit Orchard Road - the main shopping part of Singapore with its impressive malls and designer shops - for some retail therapy, it was great! We returned to the Boat Quay that night for dinner, and ate some gorgeous italian food (not very authentic I know but was yummy so I dont care!)

The next day we went to Sentosa Island (which is like a theme park its weird) and took the monorail around the sights. We saw the Merlion, took a ride up Sentosa Sky Tower (a big circular cabin that ascended a central tower to get great view of Singapore) and took the cable car out to Mount Faber and had a wander up to Faber Point - again great views! We even had a go on the luges (like a sledge thing that you steer down a racetrack) it was good fun! We then came back into Singapore for another wander. We even went and had a look at Raffles Hotel, although we didnt go in as we didnt feel suitably attired, or like spending 30 dollars on one drink! In the evening we went back to the zoo because our ticket gave us enrty to the night safari, which was great as we got see different animals than we saw in the daytime!

I thnk Singapore has been my favourite place so far, as there's so much to do and its really easy to get around! It was quite expensive though (especially compared to Thailand and Malaysia) so I did end up spending mopre than I thought I would, but I had a good time in the process! Mum and Auntie Lou I think you would enjoy it there!! 


From Sophie on Jul 27th, 2007

Ps I promise I will upload photos now that Im in one place and have time, so check out all my old blogs soon!

From Louise on Jul 27th, 2007

sounds my kind of place as i said in my email just waiting for you know what and i'll be out there!!!!!your mum agrees!!!! glad your back on the blog it's been boring here!!!!