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Written on: Thursday July 26th, 2007

A journal entry from: Elective 2007!!

After KL we made a pitstop for a night at a little place called Melaka - the penultimate stop on our trip! Not much about the place is blogworthy, but we stayed in a traditional chinese house which was interesting. It was really long and narrow (as they used to tax on the width of houses in the olden days) and had lots of period furnishings and a lovely little garden/ sitting area out back. Our room was slightly prison chic but did the job, although we did have to tiptoe around as the whole place had wooden floorboards, which could be very noisy. It was swelteringly hot but we went to all the sights of note - namely St Paul's Church, a reconstructed sultans palace and the mall! We ate at (another) nightmarket which wasnt very good, then returned to the house to enjoy a few beers in the garden most of the group. Up early the next morning (as usual argh) to comemence the journey to our final destination of Singapore!