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Kuala Lumpur

Written on: Sunday July 22nd, 2007

A journal entry from: Elective 2007!!

After Penang we continued our journey through Malaysia to KL, where we spent 2 nights. We only had one full day there so decided to take the half day city tour with our fellow group members so we could cram in all the sights into our limited time! It was a really good tour (was hot though!) and we got see see some interesting things. We started off at Batu Caves where we climbed the 270 odd steps up to a cave temple, taking care to avoid monkey attack on the ascent! From there we went off to the National Monument (dedicated to the 3 wars Malaysia has been invovled in) and then to the National Mosque. At the mosque we had to get robed up head to toe (which made us even hotter!) to have a look round - quite interesting. Then we went to the top Menara Tower to get a great panoramic view of KL. After that we had a random stop off at a chocolate factory/ shop (don't ask why) where we took full advantage of the free samples, although I gave the durian (vomit flavour fruit apparently) chocs a miss. Our last stop off was the Petronas twin towers - pretty impressive! From there we were suitably placed to hit KLCC shopping mall, so we happily spent some of the afternoon wandering around there!

We were staying in Chinatown so ate dinner in that area, and I struggled through my meal with chopsticks quite unsuccessfully! The road our guesthouse was on turned into a market at night so we had fun trying to make our way back in the evenings without being stopped every minute to look at the 'good friend price' knockoff bargains - fun fun! After our meal in Chinatown we decided to go a bit upkmarket and head to the Sky Bar at Traders Hotel with a couple of people from our group. The bar is on the 33rd floor (and has a pool in the middle of it) and offers a fantastic closeup view of the Petronas Towers lit up in all their glory; it was well worth putting up with very expensive drinks and slightly poncy clientelle for the view! We stayed there for a couple of drinks (as much as the budget could stretch) then had a funny drive home with an entertaining taxi driver, and much hilarity was gained from seeing B.U.M Equipment signs (much funnier after 2 pina coladas of course!)

We left KL early the next morning for Melaka (our last stop in Malaysia) and I was sorry to leave!!