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Penang, Malaysia!

Written on: Wednesday July 18th, 2007

A journal entry from: Elective 2007!!

We arrived in Penang on Saturday, and stayed there for 2 nights (following the very long day of travelling - 12 hours on a minibus made 14 very sweaty group members, gross!) Penang is actually an island  just off the mainland of Malaysia, and is quiute a historical place as it was used as a trading port for the East India Company (I have learnt something oh yes!)

On the first night we went to a big food market where you could choose dinner from loads of stalls. I had a spicy rice biryani thing that was very nice, and we were served by possibly the most scary woman I have ever seen! There wre some shops and stuff in the market so we had a look around those before heading for a quick drink.

On a second day we managed to fit in most of the sights despite it pouring with rain: a visit to the National Penang Museum (which i find very dull indeed but managed to pick up the afore mentioned essential facts about Penang); visit to Chinese stilthouses (quite pretty); Fort Cornwallis and lastly Kek Lok Si (another temple!) I know we keep visiting temples but this was a pretty impressive one - we had to take the skyride up to the top and there was a huge statue! I have brought my wire to upload photos but the computer wont recognise my camera otherwise I could prove this - bugger. Will upload pictures very soon though! 

On our second night in Penang we wnt for dinner in this little place where it was only locals eating, so we got a taste of authentic Malay cuisine! We were served a big pancake thing with spicy potatoes wrapped in it, and then an assortment of veg and spicy pickles etc on a big banana leaf - delicios! All this we had to eat with only our right hand (otherwise we would have offended just about evryone else in the joint) which proved quite difficult! After dinner we went to meet a friend from our course who is doing his elective in Malyasia for a few drinks. All in all a very good evening!

The next morning we were up early to travel to the Cameron Highlands. We didnt get up to much there (except a nicfe walk and a cream tea randomly), so im not going to dignfy it with a page all to its self! We spent only one night there before moving on to Kuala Lumpur - which is where I am at the moment...


From Louise on Jul 18th, 2007

journey sounds a bit wiffy!!! but it all sounds as if it was worth it!! raining again here!! nothing exciting to report. cream tea?????? how very strange!! xx