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Last few days in Thailand

Written on: Monday July 16th, 2007

A journal entry from: Elective 2007!!

Im getting really confused as to what day it is, but i know im in Malaysia so before i tell you about that i must finish about Thailand! 

On our last day we went horseriding, but being Friday the 13th it turned out pretty disastrous! Kim had done horseriding before although she in no way claimed to be a pro, and was given a young horse (which was better than the mangey looking one they wheeled out for me but whatever) but it proved uncontrollable! We were riding down the beach (more like i was being towed down by the guide being a beginner and all) and Kim's horse was all over the place and she ended up falling off (and i did not feel safe on mine either!) Needless top say we cut the time short and returned to the safety of the hotel! Total nightmare but never mind!

Anyway, after that we felt some relaxation was in order, and opted to go for a thai massage, which i thought would be good since my back was totally stiff from the bumpy boat ride of the previous day. I quite enjoyed the massage (although  i think massage isnt really the right word for it!) It basically is like having all your joints stretched for out, and being made to crack all over! Kim decided to have a soft massage, but Ellie (another girl on the trip) and I decided we wanted the hard (more painful) version! Luckily the lady giving me my massage was pretty petite so when she put all her weight on me (and believe me she did) it was alright, but the one Ellie had was so butch i felt sorry for her! She was really manly, and when she walked in and rolled up her sleeves I was horrified at the thought of her bulkiness standing on me. I was so glad she wasnt giving me mine and found it rather amusing watching Ellie get trampled on ha! 

In the evening we went for dinner in a Thai house, which was a great experience. We sat on the foor and were served really lovely homecooked food - it was rice, red curry and spicy veg, yum! We went home for an early night, ready to begin our 12 hour mammoth journey (by minibus) to Malaysia....


From Louise on Jul 16th, 2007

aahh so that was what Kim was getting at!!!! sounds hilarious!!! food sounds divine but i think i would pass on the massage!!