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Thailand islands

Written on: Thursday July 12th, 2007

A journal entry from: Elective 2007!!

Today we went on a boat trip around some of the small islands near to where we are based in Krabi. We went to a few islands - Phi Phi island, Phi Phi LAy and Phi Phi Don kim tells me they were called! We went to the one where The Beach was filmed - Charl will be jealous! We also did some snorkelling which was good fun as id never done it before! The day was absolutley brilliant - the islands are very beautiful with fantastic beaches (we got time to lounge on a couple of them!) WE were lucky that it was gorgeously hot and sunny - our first day of sunshine in Thailand! We have both definitely caught the sun today (depite applying lashings of factor 30!) The freckles on my face are having a right party! The boatride was pretty choppy, especaily since we sat at the front and we got thrown around loads (funny at first but quite painful in the endhaha!) Definitely need a thai massage tomorrow to sort out my aching muscles.

Last night we went to a food market in Krabi for dinner. There were loads of stalls (mainly seafood) and it was lit up with coloured lights so it was nice to eat outside, cheap food too! It was our guides birthday so we went for some drinks in Chang bar! Managed to escape without a changover - would not have been good on the boat today!

The beach here in Krabi is pretty nice too, tomorrow morning we are going horseriding (eek kim has persuaded me!) and then plan to hit the beach here to continue to develop the (as yet) elusive tan! 


From Louise on Jul 12th, 2007

Well Sophie you have redeemed yourself!!!!!! all sounds wonderful.....horseriding, don't forget the photo!! xxx

From Louise Blair on Jul 13th, 2007

Dan's pressie came today!!!! had my tan looking browner than you too I bet!!! have a good day xx

From Kim on Jul 16th, 2007

Yes, berluddy horseriding, what a fantastic idea that was! >:(

From Louise on Jul 16th, 2007

so what happened with the horseriding??????? ummmmmm