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Last few days in Kathmandu

Written on: Thursday July 5th, 2007

A journal entry from: Elective 2007!!

We have had a good week in hospital (although some Dutch bint muscled in on out surgery and we couldn't go) - been in the paediatric and neonatal intensive care units, was really interesting to see how different and under equipped they were compared to home. There's only 8 beds in the neonatal ICU and there isnt another one in Nepal; half the machines and stuff dont work properly either! Its pretty grim.

Not done a great deal of sightseeing this week thanks to the rain, so we have been exploring the bars and cafes of Thamel (sampling coktails and local delicaces and suchlike!) Found a couple of cool little places! Last night we went for a meal at K-To steakhouse (obviously I didnt have steak but Kim was eager to go) and then for some drinkies. There was a power cut when we were in the restaurant, so we ate by candlelight -which added the ambience of the place! Then we trotted off (very full) to Buddha Bar to meet a load of the other elective students for some drinks, and soak up the live music!

Today was out last day in hospital, we were in clinic with Dr Renu. Afterwards she treated us to a spot of lunch in a little place near the hospital. It did really nice food and we wished we had noticed it sooner, but never mind! We fly to Bangkok tomorrow, think we arrive there early evening, really looking forward to Thailand! Will keep you updated on the next leg of our journey! Off to pack my rucksack now...


From Louise on Jul 6th, 2007

Hope you had a good flight and ready for the hussle of Bangkok!! Watch your bags!!!

From Andrew on Jul 6th, 2007

Bangkok, get your lazy ass out of bed and go to the floating market first thing. Kanabanchuri is where the bridge is, a lot of graves with low numbers but worth a look. The Tiger Temple, walk with big cats, you've done packaderms (That's elephants to you Debs)so cats should be no problem !-)

From Louise on Jul 10th, 2007

thank god Kim is keeping us up to date!!!!!!! Lazy bones!!