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Pashupatinath and Bodhnath

Written on: Thursday June 28th, 2007

A journal entry from: Elective 2007!!

Yesterday we went east of Kathmandu to visit Pashupatinath. Its a big Hindu temple (Nepal's most important according to lonely planet!) that stands on Bagmati river - a holy river. Cremations take place along the banks of the Bagmati - they have 5 platforms on which they light log fires and place the bodies to burn. The platform a body is cremated on depends on the Hindu caste of the family -  there is the priest caste, soldiers/governers, tradespeople/farmers, craftspeople and the lowest caste - the untouchables who are a casteless class. We were able to watch the cremations (we saw them placing a shrouded body on a fire) from the opposite side of the river; it was a very strange experience.

Kim also nearly got attacked by both a monkey and a crowd of schoolchildren all after her crackers - very funny! 

From Pashupatinath we took a pleastant walk through villages to Bodhnath. This is a Buddhist temple (another one!) much like the monkey temple but bigger, and can you walk right up to the stupa! We also had a nice drink in a tibetan style cafe and narrowly avoided a debate on Buddhism with a random Australian guy (hopefully no a sign of things to come in Oz!)

Then we headed back to Thamel for yet another drink and a mooch round, before returning back to Dr Renu's for another wonderful supper of dal bhat, rice and the most disgusting tasting vegetable ever - yummy!

We're off to Durbar square in a bit, will make an entry about it in a few days when i can muster the strength! 




From Kim on Jun 28th, 2007

Hmm yes, it was berluddy hilarious being jumped on by a monkey! Ha!

From Sophie on Jun 29th, 2007

Have added some elephant pics!