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Chitwan National Park

Written on: Monday June 25th, 2007

A journal entry from: Elective 2007!!

At the weekend we decided again to get out of Kathmandu, so arranged with some of the other students here to go Chitwan National Park. We set off on thurs morning (2 days off hospital - bonus!) and it took us 5 hours by coach to get there, although was a suprisingly comfortable journey! Its much much hotter in Chitwan than here in Kathmandu as its very far south, close to the border with India!

We stayed in a jungle lodge not far from Rapti river - where we could watch the sunset which was beautiful. On the last night we did whilst having cocktails - lovely! We did loads of activities over the few days in Chitwan including jungle trekking to look for wildlife (good but difficult with the heat!), canoe riding (in crocodile filled Rapti) and elephant riding through the jungle! We also did a jeep safari which was good fun; we managed to see some rhinos in the distance and plenty of deer! We also visited a crocodile breeding project and an elephant breeding centre - the baby elephants were really cute!

The best part of the weekend was helping wash the elephants in the river. Kim and I got to ride an elephant (bareback - ouch!) into the river and then were treated to trunkfulls of cooling water being sprayed at us by our elephant friend! It was absolutely fantastic, and we conveniently forgot tthat he river was also inhabited by the crocs! 


From Andrew on Jun 25th, 2007

I thought you were there to work! Sounds like a bit of a jolly to me.

From Louise on Jun 25th, 2007

Don't listen to grumpy .......... have a good time xxx

From kimhardy on Jun 27th, 2007

Err Sophie, there were no crocodiles. Repeat after me - noooo crocodiles.... xx

From Charl on Jun 27th, 2007

Wow, sounds great!! i want a baby elephant!! i am an elephant!!! hehe

From Mum on Jun 27th, 2007

The elephants sound fantastic, have you seen any hippocrocapigs? plenty out on friday night in the green dragon! Talking to a customer who's daughter is at newcl in her 3rd yr, will find the name as i have forgotten, memory loss comes with age xx miss you xx

From Andrew on Jun 28th, 2007

Charl, you are a baby elephant