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More photos of Bhaktapur

Written on: Sunday June 17th, 2007

A journal entry from: Elective 2007!!

Dont have much to say except here are some more photos of Bhaktapur! We got rained on big style but luckily we got all the pics before that happened when it was hot and sunny!! We got the bus back to Kathmandu - was quite an uncomfortable ride with the locals but only cost 15 rupee! We saw a monkey sat on the roadside, and also a bus that had crashed down a ditch (scary but no one seemed bothered!) which made the joourney a bit more entertaining! 


From Sophie on Jun 17th, 2007

Finally managed to upload some photos for you! Iv added a couple on my other entries as well.

From Andrew on Jun 19th, 2007

The photography is coming along a treat, can you also post video or is that a step too far? Start my new job in three weeks, oh joy! Edinburgh now and not Glasgow. Just somewhere else to be out of my depth!