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Kanti Hospital

Written on: Thursday June 14th, 2007

A journal entry from: Elective 2007!!

We go into the hosp every morn with Dr Reno and finish around 2 -great for us so we can do our own thing and see the sights etc in the afternoons! So far we've been on the medical ward for rounds and also in outpatient clinic. We plan to see some surgery next week!

The wards are v basic, they arent too dirty but always have wet floors and they dont smell too great either! They have 4 bed bays which literally consist of beds and nothing else, no curtains between patients or anthing! The oxygen comes in huge cannisters that stand up next to each bed! About 9 doctors go on the ward round, and they all seem to chip in to the patients (which makes it harder to follow whats going on!) and makes things seem a bit disorganised to us, but cant tell properly! We've seen lots of meningitis, malnutrition and chest problems (including TB) so far so are trying to learn as much as we can about these conditions.

The clinics are so hectic, as there arent really any GPs here, people just come straight to the hospital when they need to. They have to queue up and pay to get a ticket to see a doctor - it costs 15 rupees (which is about 20p or something like that) but many of the families struggle to pay for that. Consulations take less than 5 minutes - its like a production line, and the next patient comes into the room and waits whilst the doc is still still dealing with their current patient! Its mental and so different to home!

The toilets in the hospital (even staff ones) are horrendous - the smell is really bad! So we're avoiding them at all costs! Have to keep drinking though because its really warm and dont want to pass out!



From Kim's mum! on Jun 15th, 2007

Hi Sophie, hope you are enjoying it, even tho the place sounds as if it's very smelly! Keep writing.

From Louise on Jun 15th, 2007

you've always had a thing about loos!!!! but it doesn't sound too nice. Have a great weekend and start taking photos please xxxxxxx

From Andrew on Jun 15th, 2007

So what is Friday night down town like, did you go clubbing! Tom & Jerry's is supposed to be good or what about the Maya Cocktail Bar!

From Sophie on Jun 16th, 2007

Not been clubbing cos we went to see the Himalayas! Went out in Thamel other night for a drink at Buddha Bar - was cool! Have seen Tom and Jerry's and Mayas will defo give them a try!! xx