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Written on: Tuesday June 12th, 2007

A journal entry from: Elective 2007!!

Arrived in Kathmandu yesterday after a very long journey (which included a 6 hour stop off in Bahrain sandwiched by 2 long flights!!) First impressions of Kathmamdu - hot, busy and crazy drivers on crazy roads! Made our way to Kanti as soon as we arrived to meet our contact Bishop Joshi who gave us some information etc and introduced to Dr Reno, the paediatrician we're staying with out here! She's really nice, except she must be about 5ft so i feel gigantic next to her! Much of Kathmandu is poor and we have seen some slum houses and stuff, but her house is in a good residential area - we have our own little apartment thats attached on to the house. So its pretty good to have our own bathroom and some privacy if we want it! She has 2 kids who speak great english as well so they've been entertaining us! We have breakfast and dinner with Dr Reno and family, food is nice - typical nepali food like rice, dahl, lentils and spicy veg - yum yum! She is gonna feed us up good and proper! Today we went onto the wards at Kanti - very basic and different to what's in England, so it was a bit of a shock. We've already seen some interesteing stuff so hopefully we'll learn quite a bit, although it was a bit difficult to follow what the docs were talking about in Nepali! They all speak english though so we can ask as many annoying questina as we like!

There was a strike (or a bunt as they call it here) on today which made getting to the hospital more difficult than it would normally be as vehicles werent meant to be going into Kathmandu. Dr Reno has a driver who takes her to and from Kanti but today we got the hospital bus! The roads here aren't very good in parts -very bumpy, and there is only a very loose concept of lanes! All the drivers seem to beep constantly, people walk anywhere and cows and goats literally walk down the middle of even the main roads! It is really really warm today, as we were walking through town at lunchtime we were feeling it! Cools off a little at night so is ok to sleep!! Still a bit tired from the mammoth traveling journey as well, but after tonight think il be back to normal!!


From kimhardy on Jun 12th, 2007

Feeeeeder!! Haha! Bless her! :)

From Andrew on Jun 13th, 2007

Well done Sophie don't forget to upload some pictures so that Fi and Cal can see what you're up to.

From Louise on Jun 13th, 2007

glad you are there ok, have a fab time keep intouch, Hello Kim!!!! xxxx