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Written on: Tuesday July 31st, 2007

A journal entry from: Elective 2007!!

We've been in Derby a week now so thought id best inform you of all the details....

We flew to Perth form Singapore, then from Perth up to Broome. We stayed the night in Broome (as planned) and also the next day before coming to Derby as we had underestimated the distance to Derby and couldnt get the bus until the evening! Broome is a small town with a couple of great beaches, so we spent the day on one of them - Cable Beach. The lady in the B&B was an absolute legend and helped us sort our bus tickets, taxied us to and from the beach and even cooked us up a curry before we got the coach to Derby!

It took 2 and a half hours to get from Broome to Derby(i swear it looked closer on the map!) and we got picked up and taken to our hospital accomodation which is just across the road from the hospital. Its pretty decent - have our own rooms, common room with TV and DVD player, washer and tumbledrier and well equipped kitchen! Not bad to say its free! We share the house with 2 others - they're midwives and a bit peevish, but nothing we cant handle! There's a guy from our course doing his elective here (who has been showing us around and stuff) and 2 austrailian medical students living in the house next door to us; they're good banter so we've been hanging out with them quite a bit!

Derby is a really small place - there's not much to do here alhough there is a pool, a supermarket and a couple of bars so its not all bad! The town is surrounded by tidal mud flats and the landscape is a bit desert like with its red sand! Its a 20 minute walk up to the jetty, where the tide can be up to 10m! Its really hot and sunny here (despite the locals telling us its winter and its cold for them!) so we're working on our tans!

The hospital is small - it only has 3 wards (paediatrics, maternity and general medicine) 1 theatre, and an emergency department. All the staff have been really friendly (except our superviser but thats another tale) and we have been on the paediatric wards mostly, Since we're only across the road from the hospital we've given them our number so they can get hold of us if any interesting cases come in! The other night there was an emergency caesarean section so we went across - Kim got to scrub in and assist with the operation, and I got to help out with resucitating the baby (which it needed as the umbilical cord was wrapped round its neck 3 times!) All turned out well though, and it was all very Greys Anatomy!

On Friday night we went to the best pub in town (out of the) -The Spini! Very local indeed, i think the entire population of Derby was there. Boy can the Australians drink. There was a good crowd of us - students and nurses, and we enjoyed a few drinks (our tipple was Vodka, lime and soda in a can!) Anyway, it was karaoke night, so needless to say we entertained the crowd with a few dubious rendetions of our favourites. Great fun at the time, however people keep waving at us in the street and everyone looks familiar now... oh dear!


From Louise on Jul 31st, 2007

oh finally a bit of info from Aus!!!! got your text will call at the weekend before i go on my hols, sun is shining for the 4th day in a row!!!!!! is it 8 hours time difference?? love Lou xxx