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Written on: Saturday September 29th, 2007

A journal entry from: Switzerland, Greece & Turkey 07

Numerous adventures arose before we even made it to Mykonos, our second Greek island stop. We had a pre-booked ferry ticket to Mykonos from Santorini but due to the bad weather it was cancelled. We rescheduled and then the second one was cancelled, then the third one. By that time we were getting a bit nervous as we had a flight to catch the following day to Istanbul so we couldn't afford any more ferry cancellations. We ended up buying plane tickets as it seemed the only solution - and we lucked out with that too - getting the last two seats on a tiny 12 person prop. While waiting at the baggage claim numerous items passed all the passengers - no one picked up anything. Interesting. Then we looked at the labels and saw that the luggage was supposed to go to Crete. So all of our luggage ended up on the wrong plane and went to Crete instead. Sleeping in sweaty clothes and spending another day in them was grrreat.

Mykonos was yet another beautiful island. We were able to extend our flight to Istanbul so we had two days on the island. Our hotel there was by far the nicest one with a beautiful pool with a view of the ocean and whitewashed buildings. It was similar to Santorini except for the fact that Mykonos is a paradise for gay males. They were everywhere. It's also a famous place for Hollywood celebs (Tom Hanks and Susan Sarandon go there annually). If I had to choose which island I liked better I would say Santorini.