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Interlaken & Gryon - Switzerland

Written on: Thursday September 25th, 2008

A journal entry from: Europe

I decided to head to Switzerland after Slovenia. Had one of the worst night trains ever. I got told I didnt need to reserve anything or pay any supplements cos I had the Eurail pass. Well not reserving a couchette or anything meant I ended up with a seat, or two seats actually, which to sleep on and be on for 12hrs, is not exactly fun! Got in to Zurich in the morning then had to head out to Interlaken way! The public transport system in Switzerland is awsome as. Easy to navigate, comfy and really awsome double decker trains sometimes. Anyways, I got to Interklaken and got to the hostel and was told that they have a lock out of the rooms from 10.30am to 4pm, which I was so pissed off at cos all I wanted to do was have a shower and sleep! But instead I just checked out the town and walked around town and did not much else till I could get my stuff in my room! The next day I was going skydiving! It was so much fun! Ive gone skydiving before so this time around it was just so much fun! Seeing the snow capped mountains and stuff! I had so much fun with it! That night I went out in the bar downstairs with some girls from my room! Was a good night! They had two for one happy hour, twice in one night! So our table was pretty stacked with beer and cider hehehe! Was good night! Did nothing to next day, sort of wish I had have gone to Gryon one day earlier. Anyways,m ended up at this little hostel in the middle of nowhere in Gryon. I went cos Jase had gone there like 4 yrs ago and he told me to go. You have to catch this little cog train thing to get up there! It was just amazing. I didnt really leave the hostel, cos I had a cold and wanted to get better, but it was so nice to just sit back, relax, listen to music, read a book, do some suduko! It was so relaxing! I loved it. Wish I had longer there, but oh welz! Wish I had longer in Switzerland, its beautiful, but gives me a good excuse to come back overseas another time! I can't upload any of my photos from skydiving cos they are too big, but I have some on facebook, so check them out!


From Mel on Nov 3rd, 2008