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Written on: Thursday November 29th, 2007

A journal entry from: South India Nov-Dec 2007

Keen to get out of Chennai we caught a taxi to Mamallapuram about 1.5 hours South of Chennai, the roads were equally as crazy as my previous trip with the added danger of buses which dominate the road and frequently drive on the wrong side to overtake and its your responsibility to get out the way!  The town was quite small and we picked a nice hotel which was on the most touristy street in the area.  We wandered down to the beach and had dinner and a few beers at a restaurant called Bob Marleys.... the next day we hired bikes and rode around to see the sights, carvings made into rocks from 1500 years ago and some of which have only been rediscovered some 200 years ago.  We were a bit annoyed at the school group trying to take photos and videos of us instead of the sights, but nothing too bad!  We came across an orphanage on our way back and decided to return to them later that day to see the kids and take some donations.   Dinner was more authentic and I ate way too much, we turned in early and prepared for a bus ride to Pondicherry the next day.