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Written on: Thursday November 6th, 2008

A journal entry from: YIIP

Gender manifests itself in the same manner in Ireland as it has in Canada. Historically, women made up a very small percentage of the workforce. The Irish government has recognized over the years that these inequalities exist and has placed regulations and programs in place to counter this. Although, the percentage of women in the workforce has increased due to the efforts, women still make up a very small percentage in decision making positions such as CEOs or Managing directors. This shows that problem of gender inequality may have more social complexity than we can imagine. The same types of issues as in Canada – those of access to education, transportation, schools, childcare arise in Ireland as well. As per the daily life, I saw many females who were in managerial positions while in Dublin. But I must keep in mind that this was at a University in a metropolitan city and that this may not be the case in rural areas. However, Unlike Canada, Ireland has had two consecutive female Presidents and the Irish people take great pride in it. Essentially, the country has been ruled by female presidents since 1990! It makes me wonder why we haven't had a female Prime Minister (except the Right Honourable Kim Campbell) in Canada.