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Written on: Tuesday October 2nd, 2007

A journal entry from: Arctic studies

winter has finally come- jubii- there's tons of snow flying around outside now. Unfortunately I'm to busy studying so I haven't had a chance to enjoy it properly....maybe tomorrow I will try and go skiing. 

so tomorrow came and more days, and I still haven't been skiing. (but climbing, swimming, kayakpoloing, eating cinnamon rolls,......) I'm also busy at Unis with lectures all day long......boring......well-I also went to the abandonde mine 2b on the mountain just beside.....at night.....it was pretty cool. we planned to go there againg and have a drink in their old lunchroom. we even saw their toilets - 2 nice holes straight down towards the mountain. he he

Unfortunately saska/sasha has the pictures.... oooh- yeah and I've seen northern lights, but it was on the swedish day for cinnamon rolls so I was busy eating inside....mmmm a bit of extra to add on my tummy- getting pretty nice and soft. ready to go home and enjoy all the danish christmas food and alcohol (julepils og snaps!) landing on the 8 th of december-

well- good night- just a little video of my exciting sundays in svalbardhallen playing kayakpolo , uhh- by the way, I did the eskimoroll a thousand time both ways around and I'm all blue on my hips now- but It was definitely worth it. My kayak obi wan kenobi told me I was cool, easy and relaxed when I got in trouble. YES!! I'm taking the video so I'm not on it (and it isn't med that turns around at the end...he he usually spend most of the time laughing at everybody and myself) will try to make on of me next sunday: