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Written on: Saturday July 9th, 2011

A journal entry from: Europe 2011

Have arrived in Wien. Quaint place, glad to get away from the crazy tourists in Italy. Venice was nice for the four hours I spent there - definitely no more time needed, too crowded with extra tourists from cruise ships, and prices are out of this world - some places charge 15 euro for a piece of pizza, one piece!

The drive here was beautiful through the mountains. Green trees everywhere and crystal turqoise lakes. Took a long time but well worth it.

Our tour today was interesting, am looking forward to our day off tomorrow. Though it is tempting to sneak off to Bratislava I am going to create my own ´cemetary tour´ and go pay homage to Beethoven, Schubert, Mahler, Mozart to name a few. Speaking of Mozart, this place is bonkers for him. Shauna, you werent kidding when you said that this guz is everzwhere. I know hes a big deal but reallz its like hes their second god or something. ps this kezboard has the z and y mixed up, crazy Austrians!

Funny story, was sitting on the bus next to the hotel yesterday, its a double decker so we get a good view of whats going on. Anyways, we were people watching and see this guy walk out of the corner store with a huge sausage, probablz a foot long - and just sticks it in their pocket and lets it hang out! We could not stop laughing at how some guy walks around Vienna with this thing. I know I know double entendre but really we all howled. 

Our tour guide is nice, he definitely has a bit of a sarcastic attitude and pokes fun at anyone not from his hometown of Graz.

Had a concert today inside an 800 year old castle, its been redone of course, but man it was HOT! Outside the temp was 33 celcius, and it was hotter inside. Beautiful resonant sound though from the domed roof and a lovely reception from the audience.

Thats all I have for now, others are waiting for the computer. 

Lots of love to you all.


From Catherine on Jul 9th, 2011

Ooh wish I could hear some of your concerts...especially in a castle!! Enjoy your day off tomorrow and your cemetary prowling!

From Shauna on Jul 10th, 2011

Yes! Don't be tempted by the Mozart Balls. So yucky! When I was in Austria I sent off countless "Zaz!" comments in emails. Oh well. Glad you're having fun and I can't wait to see you when you get back!

From Pat on Jul 10th, 2011

Wow my friend how amazing!!