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David is very 'manly'...

Written on: Tuesday July 5th, 2011

A journal entry from: Europe 2011

In Florence today, sad how short though because it has alot of character.

The drive from Rome was beautiful, alot of sunflowers for olive oil? And wineries in Tuscany while Lamborguinis (sp?) speed by.

Like all the tour books said, tourists are everywhere here, not a huge fan of the amount of people but oh well. Went to the Accademia museum this afternoon and saw David by Michaelangelo in all his manly glory. Art is cool and all but I'm not often moved by it. David is like they say, perfection. Very supple and strong.

The Duomo is extremely intricate, the green and white marble has quite the effect.

Am going over to the Ponte Vecchio now while the sun starts to go down.

Ate another delicious lunch of tomatoes, bocconncini and butterleaf lettuce with a tad of olive oil, while this afternoon I stopped in at an Enoteca or wine bar and had a taste of some delicious reds from the region.

I usually travel like a marathoner (right Amber?) and this trip could definitely fit into that category. Physically I am handling this better than I thought I would though I don't go on all the tours they have lined up because it is just too much day after day on my back and knee. There is never a lack of restaurants to go and sit in though!

Staying overnight in another city called Montecatini and then seeing Pisa with the leaning tower tomorrow morning with a concert in Lucca during the afternoon.

Need to go find some yummy pasta now, which won't be hard.



From Catherine on Jul 5th, 2011

I get what you're saying about the art. Studied art history in high school and could appreciate the skill etc but wasn't in awe of it. I agree, art like music has its own appeal to each individual. Glad to hear your wine course is coming handy! XXXOO