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When in Rome...

Written on: Sunday July 3rd, 2011

A journal entry from: Europe 2011

Eat lots of Gelato because it is hot hot hot! Have been here the past 2 days now, what a time. Sorrento spoiled me rotten in terms of scenery, not to say that I don,t appreciate Rome, but its definitely dirtier, but not near as much as Naples!

The band has our first concert this evening in the Choistro di Buon Pastore or "Cloister of the Good Shephard", in the centre of the old convent, out under the stars. Rehearsals have started at 8 am because by 10 the sun is beating down on you. There are a few other bands that will be performing this evening as well, and then in the end all 200 or so of us will play a few pieces together.

Toured the Vatican yesterday, definitely underestimated how stunning the sistine chapel would be, the colours are so vivid for being painted over 500 years ago though its been redone.

Today we toured the Colusseum and ancient ruins of Rome. Hard to believe such things were made over 2000 years ago, those Romans were smart thinkers - entertain the masses for free and they wont pay as much attention to politics? The ruins were interesting in how so much of them were and still are meters underground. Roman history is so vast, I have never had much of an interest in it. But being here has turned that around and made it much more personable.

The food is still amazing. I expect to have a so-so meal at least some of the time but no! It is always fresh fresh fresh, like the mushroom risotto I ate today, or the mozzarella, basil and tomato calzone, heaven I tell you!

Must jet to get ready for my big gig, ciao for now, xoxo


From Catherine on Jul 5th, 2011

Oh how I envy you! Sistine Chapel!! Look forward to your amazing pics. Hope your concert went well.Continue to feel the music!