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A Quickie

Written on: Tuesday June 2nd, 2009

A journal entry from: Oh, I am going to China

Hello all,

Just a short summary before I head out for the day again.

Hong Kong is gorgeous in its own special way. Of course the pollution leaves something to be desired and its only going to get worse once I go to main land China. But with that being said, it is sooooo green! Where there aren't buildings, there are trees. Both are fascinating. I bet it hasn't been below 20 since I arrived, it's very humid, but not as suffocatingly as I'd thought it would be. Driving in from the airport on Saturday it was dusk so the lights of the city were just starting to shine brightly as the sun went down. Hong Kong is made up of Kowloon and the New Territories, being the mainland, and then many islands, including HK island itself. The Airport is on another island, Lantau, so we had to take a few bridges and tunnels to get to my Aunt and Uncle's place on HK island.

I been lucky to experience alot here. A few of those things being going to the top of HK island where I had an amazing view, to the big buddha being "the world's tallest outdoor bronze buddha statue" and with that po lin monastery, a nearby island Cheung Chow for seafood, and many different markets. Going out to the Hong Kong Heritage museum today and then a chinese tea class, should be a great time. 

Love to you all,



From Ramona on Jun 5th, 2009

I love your Facebook profile photo where you are standing beside the bronze buddha statue. So glad you are seeing so much and having a great time. Big Hugs!