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Written on: Thursday May 28th, 2009

A journal entry from: Oh, I am going to China

Arg! I just wrote a long entry and went to publish it but instead was logged out, better remember to copy everything before you change screens.

Well, it's finally come, and in less than a day I will be setting out to experience something like I never have! I woke up two days ago with a tickle in my throat and ever since then I have been attempting to kill it and the sniffles that it's married to with benylin, strepsils, oj, cold fx and sleep. I'm feeling a bit better this morning and hopefully as the day goes by it will be gone. Who gets a cold in the spring???

I have a lot to do today including getting the last few boxes from chad's place, buying the day pack I chose, stopping by work to notify of my sched when I get back, and ending it perfectly by having supper with the aunts! Glad I can keep busy so I'm not twiddling my thumbs staring at the clock.

All I am taking with me is a backpack, no suitcase for this lady! It seemed pretty big when I first bought it but yikes, clothes take up a lot of space! So I think I will be able to do without a pair of bluejeans and a bunnyhug, I need to remember that the coldest temp will probably be around 20. Still debating whether or not to pack my lonely planet, it's been so good to me over the past month, but it really takes up a lot of space. The maps and language hints are going to win in the end I think.  I've got an electrical outlet adapter, money belt, passport, can't forget the tums or pepto, going to bring my ipod as well. I'm really roughing it eh? travel towel, clothes of course, not much makeup, which is going to be hard for me at first, shampoo no conditioner, runners, the english patient to keep me entertained on the plane, hong kong dollars which have a weird HSBC logo on the corner...I may come back with another bag, we shall see, but I know that I'll come back with lots of memories! "awwwwww" Chow for now!


From Shauna on May 28th, 2009

Have fun have fun have fun! And be safe! Love you.