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Travel Journal: Scott and Gaby's Australian Adventure 2007


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Apr 16th 2007 Finishing up the packing to be ready for our departure April 19th...
Apr 17th 2007 home still
Apr 22nd 2007 Auckland
May 1st 2007
North island
May 1st 2007 South Island
May 7th 2007 Mountains and Glaciers
May 8th 2007 Christchuch and onward
May 21st 2007 Our last leg of New Zealand
May 23rd 2007 Flight to Melbourne Australia
May 24th 2007 G’day Australia here we are again
May 27th 2007
Heading West
Jun 17th 2007
In the Wild West
Jun 18th 2007
Canning Stock Route (CSR)
Jun 18th 2007
Rudall River National Park
Jun 28th 2007
Side Trip
Jul 8th 2007 mapping to Kununurra
Jul 9th 2007 Well 35 CSR
Jul 9th 2007 Mapping to Alice Springs
Jul 10th 2007
Last Entry
Jul 16th 2007 singapore
Jul 17th 2007 Japan
Jul 17th 2007 L.A.
Jul 19th 2007 Home
Jun 7th 2008 Going back to Australia
Jun 22nd 2008
Starting out
Jul 1st 2008 Happy Canada Day from Scott and Gaby

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