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G?day Australia here we are again

Written on: Thursday May 24th, 2007

Picked up our rental car and off we went to Gaby?s cousin Ivan and Lone for 2 great days of fun. Thanks Guys. Met Brandon, Jake, Sandy the dog from Canada and Bailey the miniature horse. Gaby liked Bailey so much that she wanted to hide him in her luggage but I told her she has enough Baileys hiding in her luggage. This is where we saw our first Kangaroos but no Kookaburra, Ivan do you really have Kookys?

From here we went to spend 2 more fun days with Drew and Chris our Aussie friends. Here Gaby got a chance to feed the Kookys (yes Ivan they have Kookaburras, At least ones that WE can see). Got our first look at our Bush Camper and boy what a beauty. Outfitted her with Drew?s help and off we went. It seems like just yesterday that we were here visiting them except Chris is much nicer to me this time. We could not have done this trip without them. Thanks for all the help.

The first couple of days were highway driving to get to the State of South Australia where we hit the outback.

We went to a Station ( this is like a ranch at home but larger, 250,000 acres with 6000 sheep) to spend the night but he advised us to head on down to the neighbours (75 km away) for they are having an outback gymkhana (party with horses) with the local stations. Horses were brought in for a rodeo type event(barrel racing etc). Approximately 250 people showed up and the money raised went to the Royal Flying Doctors and local programs. Royal Flying Doctors (RFD) is a service where doctors fly into the outback to help injured/sick people. One of the games played was something like our gold fish racing except these things crawled. They are called Yabbie races. We went in with a local bloke and bought a Yabbie for Gaby ($80) but it did not win the $1000 purse. But RFD did benefit. The party consisted of 2 large 3 meter fire pits with flames reaching high into the sky (Don?t worry mom there was nothing around to catch fire). They had a live band (3 people) whose stage was a livestock trailer and they played into the wee hours of the morning. We had mutton for tea (dinner) and all kinds of beer. Met some great people and partied through the night.

The next day we drove 140 km to the Gawler Ranges National Park and when we went to self register a parks ranger pull up and before we could say anything he asked us if we enjoyed the party last night. We found out he was also there but he had a short cut home (100km). As you can see distance is not a big deal here. In the Gawler Ranges we travel along 4X4 tracks and saw tons of Roos and some Emus. At one camp site we met a donkey. A donkey is a tank full of water and you light a fire under it and it sends hot (warm) water to a shower head for a warm shower. Only in the outback.

Here we are at a salt bed lake along a 4x4 track in the desert north of Ceduna. If you zoom in on the map you can see the hundreds of sand dune formations that we crossed over. We drove up and saw a camp fire so we went over to say hi. After introducing ourselves to them they said ?oh you are those Canadians that were at the party?. Now remember this is 3 days after the party. Like I said, only in the outback.

Right now I am sitting outside beside a campfire in the desert with my computer (Tays computer) and Gaby is out collecting firewood so I can see the keyboard and stay warm. It gets cold out here in the night. If Gaby does not come back soon I will have to go get my own firewood. We did see a dingo today, where is that Gaby?



From B & B on May 23rd, 2007

It is so strange that you have written this blog dated "tomorrow" - but i am reading it "today"!Technology is great! Well, apparently you have left quite an impression with the locals - you better behave! Are you able to take pictures of all the wildlife? We would like to see the donkey shower. Thanks for keeping us posted we love reading about your adventures! Love ya! PS - I didn't know we could zoom in on the map!?!? Thanks for that.

From B & B on May 23rd, 2007

Hey, love the pictures!!!

From drew on May 24th, 2007

Hi guys, somebody has to work to keep the lights on.Sounds like all is working with the truck sofar.Have you resolved the fridge performance issue the wasn't keeping you beer cold.Gabby has the right idea with the Bailley's.I assume Gabby came back with the fire wood.Next stop you should buy her a wheel barrow,that way she may be gone longer but at least she will be able to bring back enough wood to keep you warm, and cook you a hot meal..Sorry Gab,I know I'm a bugga,but the boy can't keep you warm if he's hungry..Keep truckin and be safe

From Paul and Barb on May 24th, 2007

Hi guys I hope you took pictures of the Yabbie races. How are the roids Gaby. On Sunday night at Kristyn's, after the phone call, we congregated around the table talking about your afflication. So we came to the consensus to call your roid, Harold the Hemmy of the Outback. What do ya think? We were wondering as well, whether the hotflashes are related to the fact that you're in the middle of the desert? You never know....Obviously you guys must have made an impression at the party to run in to mates you were partying with after travelling a day and 100 miles later. We're just curious, was it a good impression? Scott, don't let the Dingo's get our Gaby...stay safe........Hooroo for now

From Drew on May 25th, 2007

Bit of a worry the pin is still stuck in Ceduna. How good is the party over there? After reading mail from home Gabby, whom I luv, I hope you are ok,see a real friend knows not to make fun of a little? discomfort.Who are those people that advertise your obvious discomfort to the world.Soldier on dear,standing whilst travelling should give you a whole new perspective on the outback experience let alone the view that Scotty may never see.As for Krystin(treasure?), it seems I need to write and encourage her to modify her perspective on travelling the Auzzie out back.Sitting on a rubber inner tubeworks a treat.(Woops now I have joined the clan of the misfits amused at your discomfort) look after her Scotty,you have only crossed one border and have not reached the fence yet.For gabby's sake you had better find a gate pls!!

From Kristyn, Todd, Tay and Ditey on May 25th, 2007

Hey there... sounds like you are having too much fun while Barb and I do your job Gaby! Which have no fear My Gaby dear - I don't like your job so you can keep it... Barb did my jobs (aka your jobs) on Tuesday because Tay had baseball, and she didn't like them either. So for sure their yours when you return - if you return?? It sounds like you are having way too much fun to return to us. But you better 'cause we really miss you guys! Gaby do you even remember where you work and what your job is? - sorry that wasn't nice, but just had to say that just in case you were missing me? and we're just kidding we don't mind doing your job at all - glad you're having a great time! Oh and for all you locals... the "Gaby's Freakin Wildlife Park" will be opening soon... in Evan's backyard (aka Scott & Gaby's yard) featuring birds that eat copious amounts of birdfeed (yes I need to buy more Gaby), photos of my rescued bunnies who have now left the nest without leaving me a note!, baby birds who have recently joined the park, adolescent birds learning to fly slowly and a bit frantic and awkward. An NEW TODAY a broken bird with flying issues that nearly flew into me causing my dog to almost eat it. But don?t worry Gaby, I managed to get it out of Ditey's mouth and helped it to safety and will check on it later. And I am sure there are many other critters just waiting for me to save them... as I am sure My Gaby would do! So life at Gaby's Freakin Wildlife Park is a new adventure every day! Stop by and check it out. Oh one more thing? will you sponsor our team ?Team Arctic Cat Remember Mike? in the Relay for Life June 8th? You can have this year off but we need you back next year? Okay really gotta go now... I have to work at the shop soon... keep on having fun and take care of Harold the Hemmy ? hopefully he goes away soon! We love you and miss you lots! p.s. sending a big hello to Drew from his "Treasure" - Did they mention I'm out of liquorice and all I can get is stale shipped stuff? Just wondering...