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Our last leg of New Zealand

Written on: Monday May 21st, 2007

 Arrived at Kaikoura and went to the point and saw a huge Fur Seal colony. The sea lions during rough waters crawl up on to the road, so you have to be careful when driving. Gaby saw one come out from behind her that was sleeping in the bushes at the car park. The car park was there before the sea lions returned to this area. We saw them sleeping or scratching thats all they seem to do. We also went on a Dolphin cruise and saw a pod of 150 Dusky with some Common dolphins. It was an unbelievable experience watching them flip, flop, jump and swim in front of the boat. We saw a Wondering Albatross on this trip too. It had a wing span of 3 meters. They have been known to travel up to a record of 1800 km to find food and return to their chicks in the Antarctic. Got up early and headed for the ferry on May 9th. A nice day to sail.

Ended up in Rotoura a town that is built in an ancient crater from a volcano. The highest concentration of Mauri people live here, approx 30%. There is active geothermal activity (geysers, mud pots, etc) in and around this town. This town stinks like sulphur.

From here we drove to Auckland and attempted to find our Hotel that was located on a back street, facing a highway that we could not get to from the front. After hours of going around the Hotel we finally made it. Only to discover we passed the back street entrance on the first pass. Thanks Kristyn for this beautiful hotel that has only a back entrance.