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North island

Written on: Tuesday May 1st, 2007

Once we picked up the car we headed north to the Northland. We tented or cabined pending the weather. Our first day out we ended up at Paihia. Here we went for a Dolphin cruise and saw some babys as well. We wanted to swim with them but because there were baby ones we were not aloud. A nice boat trip anyways.

The next day we drove to Cape Regina at the very northern part of the island. Here we rented some surf boards and climbed a sand dune the size of mount everest ( It took me (Scott) a 1/2 hour to climb). The number one rule we were told was to scream with your month closed. OOPs I for got. We will try to down load pictures later. It was amazing how much better a ride it was than a cookie tray, Gabys says.

The next day we headed south down the west cost south of Auckland we went for a tube ride at the waitomo caves. We went under ground in a subterrain river and floated down river to see glow worms. Which are not worms but maggots and what glows is thier poop. It was awsome.  Tourist industry does not want to call it maggot poop. During the float we went over a 10 foot water falls. They allow us to do more here and risk is on us instead of over safety.

We have found that there are no straight road here in NZ. The speed limit is 100 km but not possible to do on these roads. Kristyn would be barfing on these roads.

Here the cattle and sheep have to be mountain climbers to graze. We see them all over the place way up on the hill tops.

We caught our ferry and headed to the South Island.