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Written on: Sunday April 22nd, 2007

April 22, 2007 Arrived at hotel noon and went out for lunch then slept until morning. April 23. Went down to harbour for breakfast then went off to the museum. Saw first floor of museum then fire alarm went off and we spent the next 2 hours outside. Saw the rest of the museum then walked back to hotel through 2 nice parks. (Yes I Scott did walk). When up Sky Tower the highest building in the Southern Hesmisphere, like our CN Tower, and saw a 360 deg of Auckland. Great view. Had a New Zealand beer. Gaby is fighting a cold (Kristyn go to the office and take back Barbs gift).

April 23rd, We are off to the Airport to pick up the car. I keep telling myself "keep left and look right". Temp 22deg c. bye for now


From Jeff on Apr 27th, 2007

Scott walked somewhere? Please update us regularly on your Amazing Auzzie Adventures!