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Starting out

Written on: Sunday June 22nd, 2008

G?day from Down Under.Thank God we were upgraded to Executive class.  22 hours of flying sardine style would have been unbearable. We had the luxury of travelling up front in the new Boeing 777 with its individual little pods that allow passengers to actually lay out flat to sleep not to mention all the other buttons that made us feel like kids in a candy store.Our buddy Drew was there to pick us up at the airport in Melbourne and we spent the next 3 days outfitting the truck (also know as ?Canada One?) and the ATV?s.  It was nice to see the truck again and what we left behind.  We went scrounging through Drew?s shop to find it all there where we had left it a year ago and after gathering all our stuff for this trip his shed looks rather empty now.  Driving on the wrong side of the road again is like riding a bike, all we need to remember is to ?keep left and look right?, something we keep saying out load. Our little convoy left June 21st consisting of our mate Michael (Mick the bushman) and ourselves.  In tow were our custom built outback trailers registered with the state of Victoria as ?Arctic Cat 1? and ?Arctic Cat 2?.  These trailers were specially designed to handle the outback terrain to haul our ATV?s and supplies. Travelling a mere 2000 km north we will be turning left into the Gibson Desert where we will spend the next 4 weeks exploring through multiple deserts.  In order to travel through these aboriginal lands we had to apply for several permits which Michael had already obtained for us. Additional permits were needed to enter aboriginal communities to purchase diesel for our vehicles and ATV?sWe haven?t settled into our routine yet but with Michael arranging most of our dinners and us preparing the campfire what could possibly be better?

Maybe a Baileys in the morning!   

Ta Ta


From Ivan on Jun 23rd, 2008

Glad to see all went well with the trip over and that you're on your way. Have a great time out there and stay safe. If you're not rushed at the end of the trip, Bailey and Willow said that they'd like to see you.

From Paul and Barb on Jun 24th, 2008

Happy 4 wheelin diesel duo or should we say, diesel trio Sounds like you guys are having a blast while we're building your house. Oh ya, about your laneway -which side was it supposed to be on? No worries, Paul and Cam figured it out. The lane is meandering through the thorne trees that used to be there. Cya......

From Paul and Barb on Jun 26th, 2008

We're waiting for an update. The footings went in yesterday. Everything looks good so far. Keep your ta ta's on the right side of the road or is that the left side?

From Angie on Jun 29th, 2008

Wow! This is soooo kewl! Can't wait to read more! :)