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Written on: Monday July 16th, 2007

Here we are at the airport in Singapore. We have a 3 hour layover and the flight to here was great. It took us 7.45 hours. From here we head off to L.A. via Japan. In L.A. we have a 10 hours layover but are going to see if we can get an earlier flight home to see you all sooner.


From Barb on Jul 16th, 2007

I was surprised to see that you guys are in Singapore already. Your blogs have been most interesting and thorough. You won't have much to tell us about your trip because we already know everything in detail. There is something I would like to know though, who the hell is Michael Tobin and what kind of spear accident did he have? I hope you have answers for that one. I'll sign off now...have a good flight flying first class....Barb

From Vern on Jul 17th, 2007

Hi Scot & Gaby Just looking at your page .See you when your home wonderful trip your on .Coolin Newfoundland all summer picking berrys no.AAAAre Lone to you Vern & Enid