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Happy Canada Day from Scott and Gaby

Written on: Tuesday July 1st, 2008

Kristyn here making an update... Happy Canada Day from Scott and Gaby!! I just spoke to S&G and things are great. They are in the Great Gibson Desert making their way to the Little Sandy Desert. Their co-ordinates for Canada Day are Latitude: South 4° 45min 28.0sec and Longitude: East 124° 10min 0.7.2sec. 

Things are going well. Mikey has had three flat tires and S&G haven't had any.  They, I mean, Michael has the supplies and has fixed them.  The support he received from his Canadian friends was unlike your usual Canadian who would jump in there and help without being asked, these two Canadians, who are driving Mike crazy with the word "eh", supported Mike with a simple cheer "Go Mikey Go" and not just once but three times. I think there must be a lesson in there some where. Perhaps Practice makes Perfect! Hopefully the rest of the way will be better for mike...  

Scott says they have food and water but are looking for more food and water! Until this point they had been travelling via a track in the desert. The track has now ended and they will travel the next 200km on their own with no track to guide them. It kinda sounds like they are travelling "where no other man has travelled before" but Mike assures me that there was a road there at some time.  I asked how fast they are travelling and Scott said anywhere from 15km/h to 50km/h depending on the terrain. They seem very excited about the next 200km trek and I can't wait to hear how they make out. 

The Canada 1 crew wanted me to share this awesome experience with you.  They were sitting at their campfire one morning. The ATV's were out and Michaels tent which is beigey brown in colour and sticks out atop his truck - looking somewhat like a big camel. As they were sitting there with their coffees a mob of 12 or more curious camels came over to check them out.  They were bout 15 metres away and were staring at these human creatures.  They said it was the most incredible experience and they have pictures to share with us when they return. During that same campout they had a dingo at the camp as well.  What an experience... it sounds incredibly amazing...  

So things are going very well and they are having a wonderful time... we'll await their next phone call with an update on their journey.  Talk to you soon.... kd


From Mr. Jay Herlick on Jul 2nd, 2008

very cool with the camels... I'm wondering if Scott got passed by one of the camels when he was doing 15km/hr on the ATV

From Barb & Paul on Jul 3rd, 2008

Thanks for the update Kristyn. As for Michael's flat tires and no help coming from the 'friendly' Canadians, isn't Mikey the Chef extrodinaire on this trip? At least offering some assistance would be in order. Oh, perhaps that's why Scott is looking for food and water, eh?

From Sonja on Jul 4th, 2008

Cool story about the camels :) Looking forward to reading more!

From Drew on Jul 6th, 2008

HiK, first vchance I have had to look at the blogg. Spoke with Scott earlier in the week by S/Phone, I am sending and receiving messages and position updates as they go.Great to ollow the track.Looking forward to joining them on the run home

From Drew on Jul 8th, 2008

Bit of a worry my mesage of the 6th. Must have been practicing for the evening in the desert on the way home from Alice Springs via the Simpson Desert.Keep up the reporting (treasure) Kristan.I will try to catch up with thew tourists later in the week hopefully for an update.