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Island Life

Written on: Tuesday July 10th, 2007

A journal entry from: Samoa/NZ Elective

Die Hard 4 is AMAZING. If you can get over the fact that Bruce Willis is now, in fact, Phil Mitchell. Thanks.

On our last night in Samoa, we were due to head off to the airport at 11:30pm so we all had a final dinner together that evening. We went to a place around the corner from the hostel called Rocko's and we pretty much took it over - there were 28 of us!! Which included the Newcastle bunch plus assorted medics from Cambridge, Liverpool, Germany, NZ and Liz's brother and sister. On the way there we (almost!) got attacked by wild dogs. That'd have been typical, after 4 weeks of paranoia and hiding behind girls anytime I saw a dog, I could've been ripped to shreds just an hour before I was due to leave the country! Luckily no-one was killed. Phew.

The taxi picked us up from the hostel after dinner, so we said our goodbyes to the rest of the group, who were absolutely inconsolable, I can't imagine what it must have been like to be so cruelly robbed of my company for the rest of their elective. The flight was uneventful, took 2 hours but we flew over the Dateline again so we lost a day. Boo hoo.

NOTE - On a previous entry, I described how the Dateline was 'lit up' under the sea so that planes could see it. I would like to point out that this is in fact NOT TRUE, I merely overheard someone saying that as a joke to someone else. It's a nice idea, though, no?!

We arrived at Fiji airport at about 4am, to be welcomed by yet another fricking ukelele band (do these guys not have homes to go to?!). The hotel we were staying at was only a 10 minute drive away, and it turned out that they had no dorms for the first night, so we got a family apartment instead!! Cashback. It was awesome and totally reminded me of family holidays as a child. Plus we had beds! I had a great night's sleep.

Begrudgingly woke up at 10am next morning, and had breakfast in the hotel (pancakes! bacon! coffee that actually tastes like coffee!) and after that headed into Nadi. It's not a very nice city, but run-down and the good bits are overtly touristy. Ooh, get me I'm such a pretentious twat/seasoned traveller . Bought a few souvenirs but had decided that I'm against the idea of buying "traditional" Fijian coat hangers or "traditional" Fijian bottle openers-slash-nail clippers that have the word 'Fiji' written across them, or whatever junk passes for souvenirs these days. ONLY JOKING! I love all that stuff. I bought some Kava powder to make up that narcotic drink stuff (completely legal in the UK, if any customs officers are reading this!) - doubt I'll drink it though as I hate it. However, I figured I could just pretend it was heroin and sell it to my mum (hi, mum!).

Spent most of the day shopping and then Vicki insisted we do something 'cultural'  (YAWN!) so we went to the temple to look at it or whatever. It was weary, so we went to a Chinese restaurant and had some  beer and prawn crackers, which made it all better. That evening we had dinner in town, at a place called Chef's. It was AMAZING, the staff waited on us hand and foot (despite us looking like scabby lepers). They also had a 6ft long pepper grinder, which it is now my life goal to own (or steal, whatever) and all the main courses came with those silver lids which is like, well posh innit. We had also pretended it was Ed's birthday (although, in truth it actually was his birthday the coming Sunday) so he got special birthday (cheese)cake and all the restaurant staff came and shook his hand - mental! After dinner, we went to a cool bar called Ed's Bar (sadly nothing to do with the great man himself) and had a few drinks. Ed, Kiera and Vicki went home early as they were knackered, so me and Kate stayed out till 1 playing pool (badly, very badly) and trying to guess the genetic abnormality of an English guy at the bar. Check us out, crazy medics!!

Next day, we tried to arrange some parasailing or sandboarding but alas it wasn't to be - we'd have had to travel to one of the islands to do that, and me and Ed didn't have time. We were well jealous as Kate, Kiera and Vicki had planned an itinerary of island-hopping for the week after we left...not fair!! So we went into town for a bit, then came back and had massages at the hotel. It's a hard life! That evening, we were heading out to dinner when we bumped into two Newcastle medics, Bec and Sarah, who we knew were in Fiji but who we hadn't expected to meet up with - so that was a cool surprise, plus they were staying at the same hotel as us! So all 7 of us went to dinner and then came back to the hotel for drinks. Had an early night as me and Ed had to leave at 6:30am...aaaaaarrrrghhhhh!

Next - New Zealand!