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Salzburg, the last leg of our Europe Trip :(

Written on: Tuesday July 29th, 2008

A journal entry from: Europe Summer 2008!

It's hard to believe that time has gone by so fast, and now we are just two days away from flying back to Canada. The weather here in Salzburg is gorgeous, and our hosts, Helga and Fritz, are very helpful and hospitable. They have a beautiful home near the downtown area of Salzburg with a beautiful garden out back. Yesterday we slept a lot and walked around downtown in the afternoon and evening. In some ways we still find it hard to believe that we are in Europe. It is really surreal. The streets and shops are so completely different from what we are used to in Canada. There are way more streets strictly for pedestrians, and walking is really the only way to get anywhere downtown. Much different from Calgary, where you wouldn't be able to get anywhere without a car. The prices are about on par with Calgary when it comes to clothes and most everything else. The cost of food in restaurants is more expensive, but not terrible. Ice cream is much cheaper, and better. I think we've had ice cream almost everyday since we arrived in Austria (oder Österreich).

Our first day here, Fritz, his daughter Catherine, and her friend, took us to a gorgeous lake called Fuschlsee. It really did remind us of lakes in BC, but still different. It was surrounded by green covered mountains on all sides, and the water was clear, clean and bluish-green. The water was very cold (atleast for Scott).

Today we will be going up to the castle that overlooks the city of Salzburg and perhaps look into the birthplace of Mozart. Again, there is so much history here, it is completely different than anything in Canada. 500 year old buildings (or older) are common. Where we might think a building is old if it was built in 1907 in Canada.

Here are a few pics of the last few days for your enjoyment, including Schladming.

Love you all.

Scott & Coreen