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Return to Jacks River

Written on: Saturday June 23rd, 2007

A journal entry from: Camping near Atlanta

Jon and I came here last year without a camera... I'd been to this place once before and it was incredible; this was my third trip. The falls are HUGE! There is one rock about 20' up from a 15' deep pool that it takes some nerve to jump off of (the lower falls), and then another pool with some lower jumping platforms (the upper falls). There are plenty of basking rocks and, though the forestry service no longer lets you camp within 700 yards of the falls, there are very nice sites nearby enough that you won't mind the walk even if you're completely exhausted from swimming. 

Anyway on our last trip we came in from the southeast corner of the trail, not having a proper map of the place and not realizing it was the long way in. It turned out to be about a 10-12 mile hike in, and though we took a shorter route out (only 8 miles) we didn't have a water filter with us and were pretty dehydrated so it was quite miserable.

THIS time we were prepared! We had plenty of water, food, a filter, and planned to go in from a fire road north of the falls down a dry 3.5 mile trail. I was a little disappointed when we found the road blocked by a recovery effort for a truck some girl had driven off the side of the road. We made sure they didn't need any help, laughed and took pictures of them, and turned around to regroup. After a short debate we opted to drive a little way back and go in by a different trail, about 7miles long and crossing the river a bunch of times, and still head for the falls.

We made it in about 3-4 miles that night before darkness fell and made camp at a pretty nice spot. Around 8:30 the next morning we were up and breaking camp, hitting the trail again (without our packs) by 9:30. We covered the last 3-4 miles and made it to the falls by 11:30 where we took some pictures and then headed back around 12:30. On the way out we hauled ass, making it all the way out of the woods by 3:30pm.

I think we crossed the river about 15 times in each direction from trail head to the falls on this trail ... it was a little rough on the feet, especially Orson's, since we weren't able to wear anything but sandals.