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I have arrived!

Written on: Sunday May 31st, 2009

A journal entry from: Janaagraha

I arrived safely in bangalore yesterday morning!  I slept pretty much all day and all night, I think it was badly needed not only from my trip but just in general.
I am staying at a place temporarily that Janaagraha set me up with.  Tomorrow I will be going to the office to talk about finding accomodation and meet my supervisor.  Apparently there is another intern staying at the same place as me, I have yet to meet him.  He is from MIT!  Haha..(for those of you that know me well you know that was a nervous laugh)  I am going to try to find him this afternoon, it will be nice to have someone to talk to.

I met some very interesting people on my flight over, actually it was in my layover in Delhi.  I met this one professor who has been finishing his phd in geography at the university of victoria and he has worked and lived all over the world.  He was so nice, he has done alot of work on poverty and development and gave me a bunch of contact info for organizations here, and invited me to come visit him in kerela, he will be doing work there, at a rural school, in adult education (which is what i want to get into).  He was so kind too, a sweet little Indian man (He actually reminded me abit of Quadir - a professor of mine)  It was a great experience to start off this trip!

Its so strange being back here again, i expected to feel disoriented like i usually do in new places but everything just felt normal. i like how it feels though, i know my way around (well not the city yet) but just in general knowing how things work, its nice. haha. do people get culture shock the second time?

okay i guess thats all for now. I miss everyone and look forward to hearing from you!

take care, 



From Erin Pehlivan on Jun 1st, 2009


From Waheeda on Jun 3rd, 2009

Seems like you're having fun. And you're so lucky about meeting a professor in the same field that you want to get into. What are the odds? Have fun dude, look forward to hearinf from you

From Remy on Jun 3rd, 2009

Namastey Sarah, I'm glad you have settled in. If you do have time, get in touch with Arnav. My brother will be arriving on the 15th. If you need anything, they will be very happy to help you. How is the weather treating you? Keep me updated!

From aniquejay on Jun 8th, 2009

hahah i love that nervous laugh sidenote! I think i have one of those too! Ya i was actually thinking about culture shock happening twice for the same place..i guess you'll experience differences that you may have overlooked during your first visit. Its like the saying you can never step in the same river twice-because its always changing and so are you. I can imagine things would be much easier since you're familiar with the customs and daily rituals there. Pretty sick that you met a professor studying the same thing you want to get into! good luck and ill be in touch via blog! aj (a past intern)